About us

Hi, we are Angelique and Pascal!  

Der Vegane Flammkuchen is our baby. Since 2018, we’ve been working on our vision: To bring the first vegan and organic Flammkuchen to the market that tastes just as good as (or even better than!) the classic ones.

We’ve made it our mission to support the development towards a more environmentally friendly and cruelty-free consumer product range. We have always been sure that the future will be vegan.

In 2020, we have finally made our dream come true! Der Vegane Flammkuchen is now available in organic grocery stores all over Germany!

Der Vegane Flammkuchen Produktentwickler, Team

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Product developer, marketing, design

It is time to rethink! We need to become more aware of where our resources come from and how they impact our environment, animals and our health. 

We need to revolutionize the food industry – with more transparency and sustainability. 

Der Vegane Flammkuchen has the mission to show the world that plant- based food is just as awesome as traditional dishes. People that choose to adopt a vegan lifestyle should also be able to enjoy traditional food and not miss out on the experience.

My goal is to show people – and companies – that there is always room for improvement towards more sustainable products. Nobody is perfect, but if we all stick together and live more consciously, we can be part of the change we want to see.


Product developer, marketing, design

I saw the great potential in Angelique’s vision and have been part of the team since the very beginning. Our Flammkuchen, in its current form, is the result of years of hard work, trial and error – at some point we even abandoned our original concept and started all over again.

Now we are very proud of the result – both in terms of taste and
sustainability. For me, it is important that veganism is no longer considered only as a lifestyle, but that it is accepted by society. To achieve that, the vegan cuisine needs to offer traditional and delicious recipes and foods that make it easier to offer animal-product free meals. With Der Vegane Flammkuchen, we have come a whole step closer to this goal.

Veganer Flammkuchen, Der Vegane Flammkuchen, Ulrich


Quality management

To ensure that our Flammkuchen keeps its promises, I constantly check the quality of the ingredients and the final products. I also carry out hygiene tests, product specifications and laboratory analyses.

In short: I’m always busy. But with a product like Der Vegane Flammkuchen, we all pour our hearts and souls into the project and I am always motivated to give my best so you can also enjoy a high-quality product at home.


Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media

Angelique and Pascal are very good friends of mine. Even before I came to Der Vegane Flammkuchen, I cheered them on every step of the way because I think the project – and now the finished product – is just great.


Thanks to my experience with brand communication, I was also able to support them with a few tips and tricks. And when they asked if I could support them full-time, I didn't hesitate a second.

Veganer Flammkuchen, Der Vegane Flammkuchen, Produktion, Nedim


Production manager

You’ll usually find me in the production hall, where I make sure that everything runs as planned and that our Flammkuchen is optimally prepared, baked and packed. I have a great team behind me for these challenging tasks.


Der Vegane Flammkuchen is a masterpiece for us – we’ve put a lot of effort into the production processes. That’s why the first day of production was really exciting for us all. I am happy to be part of this team of highly skilled people. 



I have known Angelique her entire life. She has always been full of ideas and enthusiastic about nature. This became particularly clear when she decided to live her life environmentally conscious. With her idea for Der Vegane Flammkuchen, she turned our sales team upside down – in a positive way. 


It makes me really happy that we have created an awesome product, and I am doing my best to make it available throughout Germany. 




When I buy ingredients, I pay special attention to the best organic quality and regional proximity of the producers.

I am in constant contact with the suppliers and can directly implement our demands and requirements.



Managing Director at Flammkuchen Profi GmbH

I did an apprenticeship as a baker at the age of 14. Then I went to the Alsace with my brothers, where I discovered Flammkuchen, and then decided to make Flammkuchen myself. Today I have a whole team behind me and produce all over Europe.


Today I am living my dream and I am proud that my daughter can now realize her visions with Der Vegane Flammkuchen, supporting her wherever I can.